Long long story, but any advice at all is greatly appreciated!!!!


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Dec 1, 2020
Attached I have a story about Mr. T. He is my roommate's 3 year old cat that she will not be keeping after we move out in July, and I am trying to decide if I can keep him... and it is a very long story. If you have the time to read, I would greatly appreciate your advice! I do not know cats very well, but am wanting to know more--especially when it comes to training! Thank you all so much in advanced for any help you can give!


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Jul 23, 2017
Welcome to the forum. Thank you for posting the whole story about T. I read all of it and expect other members to do the same.

Let me guess: You are totally opposed to declawing cats. I think most cat parents would have gotten cats like him declawed and hope you do not have to make that decision.

It looks like you expect T to know what a cat tower is for right away. No, cats don't figure it out just by looking at them. You have to teach him this is what he should be scratching, not the walls. Sprinkling some catnip (no stems) should work. Every time you see him scratching a cat tower, reward T with his favorite treat. Can you pick T up and carry him to a cat tower immediately after seeing him scratch on a wall?

Plants: The only thing to worry about is people giving you bouquets with toxic flowers. Just take all of your flowering plants outside and keep T in.

Adopting other pets: Put this off until you are confident T will not cause problems with a kitten or puppy. And by all means do NOT adopt a terrier! Those dogs are known to be unfriendly with cats and destruct everything. (FYI Bostons actually are not terriers despite their name.) I hope getting another pet will help T whenever that happens.
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