My axolotl is sick


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Jul 28, 2020
Hi guys im new here and its my first time posting so im not sure of the formatting.
My parents axolotl looks quite sick to me, he has a large growth on this neck that looks like a cyst. We live in a rural town in Australia and our pet store doesnt know anything about axolotls. I have attached close ups of him, im looking for advice thanks
His tabk has also taken on a white film across the top, our current solution is to scoop out the film or to break the surface tension to let it disperse 4EE33EAA-1D2D-4896-8F24-13BF3AB9E88E.jpeg1B1CCCF3-B714-4500-BBDC-401BDE3793A5.jpeg1662FE8B-A6FF-4672-9123-139F1D76CE84.jpeg


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Dec 7, 2019
He does look sick. That might be fungal. First thing to do is a water change (50% and make sure you use water conditioner and IMO, 100% changes are really bad). And get an api master test kit and test the water ASAP.

Clean water is the best cure until you know what’s going on. So I’d keep doing 30% water changes everyday until you figure out what’s up.

better pictures would also help.

a few important questions. What is the tank size? What is your usual maintenance on it? What are you feeding him? How long have you had him? Does he have any tank mates or is he alone? What are the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels?


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Mar 28, 2012
Hello and welcome, I have no real experience with fish. LittleGoldSnail is very knowledgeable and has good advice, I hope she can help you....good luck!