My cat got out of the house 3 days ago ,Now he wants to get out EVERYDAY ,how can I stop him?


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Aug 19, 2021
My cat got out of the house 3 days ago (animals such as cats in my house can escape really easily) now he wants to go out EVERYDAY, when the outside door is closed he starts meowing and then following people and meowing them, in 3am he's still meowing and won't let me sleep, in the morning he will make me up doing, you guessed it! meowing.
Fact: he's still meowing at me right now :)
How can I stop him wanting to get outside of the house?
Why wont I let him out: I live NEXT TO a REALLY BUSY road, so someone can crash into my cat easily.


Apr 20, 2021
My cat is an indoor cat only for the same reason and she is fearless, so thinks dogs out for walks need a friend to walk with, trade vans that stop need their van checking out and investigating, EVERYONE living locally needs a meet and greet and the road is where you roll around on depite cars, so she has a catico and goes in there daily dispite the weather she wants out everyday and will play up and continually jowl until she gets what she wants...... so provide a safe outdoor spacewith a catico or cat proof your garden boundary


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
my cats are never allowed ouside as we have fisher cats around so I have catios in two windows so they can go in and out safely is your cat neutered? If not get it done. They still have a nose but they won't be compelled to wander. The more they go out the more they wan to so break the habit as soon as possible, even if it means carrying a squirt bottle and when he starts screaming or trying to follow someone out give him a squirt and he'll back off, they don't like a squirt of water in the face


May 17, 2013
If you live in a country where there are predators which could attack a domestic cat, then the above advice is very wise: build a catio. However, if a main road is the only problem, then there is another possibility: taking your cat for a walk in a special cat harness. You could take him around your back garden a few times, or even on the pavement of a road (provided he is not frightened of traffic and there are no aggressive dogs).

Here is a video about the subject:

Apparently, walking a cat is becoming fashionable in the USA (according to comments). We live in France in the countryside, so our cat is able to go in and out whenever he wants without danger. But of course, what you do will depend on your local circumstances.