my cat is acting really strange, help??


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Jun 2, 2021
my cat is normally very loving and affectionate in general, but since last night he has been extremely vocal and clingy. normally he sleeps by my feet, but last night he wouldn’t stop yelling until I let him sleep right beside me. even as I type this he’s laying on my chest.

the weird thing is though is that as much as he wants to lay right beside me, he won’t really let me pet him unless I’m extremely slow about it. even then he’ll bite me, not very hard but he doesn’t bite unless we play so I found it really weird. so he bites me, but then licks me a lot. normally he’ll kiss my nose or my hands just once or twice and leave it alone, but today there was a point where I literally had to pull him away because he wouldn’t stop. i figured maybe he had an injury, but that isn’t very likely considering he stays either right by my side or with my sister. we have to keep a close eye on him because he already has a leg injury thats healing.

anyone have any idea what’s going on?


Jun 22, 2013
My first thought as I was reading your post was an injury too. You should have him checked out by a vet


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Apr 20, 2021
Injury/illness are the obvious indicators of any sudden change in behaviour so you need to have him vet checked to make sure he is fit/well