My Pacific Sideband snail


Crazy fish lady
Dec 7, 2019
Hey guys, I got a new pet! My sister found him by the chicken coop and told me about him. When I found him he looked a little beat up, but he’s doing really well now. When we found him, he had a little bit of a dent in one of his eyes and he acted like he couldn’t see out of it, so we named him Hawkeyes. Luckily it’s perfectly healed up now and he has no trouble looking around with it.

I currently have him in a little plastic container I turned into terrarium. I have some leaf litter and live moss for him to nibble on, and on top of that he gets mushrooms, green beans and carrots. I would like to offer him more variety, but so far he’s pretty picky and won’t eat much. I also have oyster shell in there for a calcium source.

Here are pics of him.


Pack Leader and Lover
Mar 28, 2012
Your very kind for taking care of him and giving him a good life now, sounds like he's eating very good food too....kudos! 👍