My recently Rescued Racing Greyhound is finally coming out of his shell!

Greyt Hikes

New member
Feb 17, 2021
Arkansas, USA
A little over 2 months ago I rescued my Greyhound, Waylon, from the Racetrack. They told me when I picked him up that it could take 3-6 months for his personality to come out so be prepared to have a wildly different dog in 3-6 months.

Well today he showed one of the first signs of him getting comfortable and coming out of his shell; he made his own Racetrack in our apartments dog park! He didnt even care that there is about a foot of snow on the ground! We were so exited to see this that we took a video of it!

As you can see he is a very speedy boy

So yeah I just wanted to share this really big moment for our family with yall! Hope you enjoyed!