need to speak out ! cutting


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May 2, 2012
warrington uk
hiya ,
i saw with my own eyes tonight and its really hard to keep in since my mums in uganda for 2 weeks (charity) and my dads in london and my step mum im not really close to her so i cant talk to her baout this sort of thinh

my sister has always been there for me when i need support and its about time i did something back by helping her ,shes 15 and is in to quite metalic music ,she locks herself away in the room where no one will bother her

it started a while ago her friend was cutting herself sand was getting suppport and councelling my sister was there all the way but i think she want to far ;
then closer on we had just finished a real heated argument about our problems (stupid looking back )we were yelling well mines bigger than your, well is it now , we looked at each other i couldnt belive what we had just said to each other and she went to the toliet and cried i froped everything i had and wen after her and we talked and she said you know you cant talk to me f you want and i said whats wrong and she wasnt allowed to tell me mum had told her not to ;

TONIGHT: she had a friend round: ruth (there both kind of the same things) ans we were getting ready to watch a film and rith went to the toilet and carrigan (my sister ) was getting changed to her PJ's and she took her jeans of and there were cuts on her thighs horizontal i ask weather she was ok and looked at her and she plzyed dumb saying im ok im ok ,i said whered they come from carrigan have you cutt yourself she still played dumb saying no i just woke up and they were there i must have scatched myself but thease were not scraches these were cuts purposely
i know this a animal forum but i feel i cant talk to anyone about this and i am on no other places to tell
i really just need to get this out i never realised she wasd like this please help me i dont know what to do :sorrow:

please just help me ve never had anything like this happen to anyone i know :sorrow:
im only twelve and i dont know what to do


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Mar 28, 2012
I'm sorry to hear that your sister is cutting herself. You're very young to have to deal with something like this, but for right now, you should just be supportive.

Try to have a caring "heart to heart" talk with her, and see if she will come out and admit that she's been cutting herself. If she does, don't make her think you're judging her, or that you're demanding for her to stop. That's something she will have to want to do on her own.

Cutting is more common in girls than it is in boys, because they're more emotional and the reasons behind cutting are often sadness, feeling all alone, low self-esteem, etc. Many say that the cutting makes them feel better, although that's hard to understand for most of us.

Many teenagers who start cutting, need some kind of support for sure...but they also need some serious counseling from someone who knows about these things. Cutting not only hurts someone mentally and emotionally, but the injuries can lead to serious infections. Maybe there are counselors at school that she can talk to, but she should want to get the help, not be forced.

Cutting is like an addiction, the person has to have someone around who cares about them, and they themselves have to want to stop. One way some people use is to write a little note to themselves, like "I'll be good to myself...Love, Carrigan". When they get the strong desire to do it again, they take the note out of their pocket or a drawer as a reminder, sometimes this helps. Of course any words can be used, it's very personal.

Here's a site with a bit more information, there's 4 short pages of advice, and a couple of other places to click on and visit for help.

It's a lot to take in for you right now. I recommend you just relax and try to learn a little bit more about cutting, and you'll find a way to help and support your sister with her problem.

This is a pet forum, but any topic at all is ALWAYS welcome in the Chitchat Forum, that's what it's there for. Take a deep breath, check out that site and think things over for now. Always feel free to post about what's going on with you (and your sister), many of us really do care. :love_heart:

PS: Sometimes behavior like this is made worse from a vitamin deficiency. Some people recommend a vitamin B-50 complex capsule to be taken every day to help. If she doesn't take any vitamins at all, and is not eating a really healthy whole foods nutritional diet, then she would also benefit from a good multi vitamin/mineral capsule. It doesn't seem like a lot, but these things do help. Even taking an Omega 3 fish oil supplement every day will help many people who have depression and mood disorders.


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May 2, 2012
warrington uk
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thank you
thank ui again for the link it really helped its told me what and what no to do !
illl keep you informed about what happens


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Aug 25, 2012
Normally the truth is when people cut them selves it is attention seeking. My friend used to be a psychiatric, and also worked with social services with kids like this and also drug addicts etc.

He says the only reason people cut their arms is attention seeking. A lot of people don't like to hear that and she will not admit to that obviously. But this bloke knows what he is on about and I trust what he says!