Needing some advice, strange dog and cat behavior.


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Apr 7, 2020
So this is a situation that has puzzled me since the first time it happened which was a couple of years ago. I got my dog as a 3 month puppy, she's a 80lb mix, probably pit with something that makes her look very much like a ridgeback. I had a cat for years before I got her and my dog came into my home and the two of them had a gradual progression into a friendship.

My dog and cat get along wonderfully except for the mild brattiness that my dog likes to display when the cat has taken her sleeping spot, but nothing aggressive. She just makes funny noises. However, a couple years ago I had a visitor who owned a dog who was good with cats. However, my dog was the issue. She gets really concerned and almost aggressive with my cat when there is another dog around. It feels like she is worried but also just panicked and tenses up.

I separate them and make sure my cat feels safe in a high spot in the house but my dog barks and whines and stares at her with such intensity. My neighbors have dogs and when they come into the yard with my cat and dog present, my dog does the same thing and starts looking at my cat and making all kinds of noises.

In the scariest situations when I fully don't trust my dog with my cat, when she is locked on her and her body is tensed up--I just remove the other dog and she intensely sniffs my cat almost to check on her and completely relaxes and they carry on in their merry way. What is this behavior? Is it protective? Aggressive? Has anyone seen a similar situation?

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Mar 13, 2014
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the dog is unstable and I wouldn't trust her alone with the cat. She could kill the cat if something triggers the behavior. Keep them apart unless you are there to make sure the kitty is safe