New baby pacman frog questions


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Oct 7, 2021
I recently got a baby Pacman frog and I have a couple of questions.

Yesterday I tried feeding him and he was trying to get at the cricket I put in there for him but every time he tried he couldn't get it, I tried giving it to him by tongs but he wouldn't take it. Any tips? And is this concerning?

Also, my temperatures with one heat mat are about 75-77 and I feel this is a bit low, should I put another heat mat? I'm nervous to use any type of heat lamp and would be more comfourtable using a mat.

And one more thing, I have an Inkbird probe, and when I plugged my heat mat in it shut off, and also I was unsure about where to put the probe in my tank, should I put it near the back or the front?

If you don't have the answers to all of these that's okay, even just one answer will be helpful, I don't want him to die and I just want to take the best care of him. Thanks :)


Mar 22, 2021
I wouldn’t recommend heat mats since they can be dangerous. If you can try to grab a cricket or mealworm and grab it with the tongs and wiggle it in front of their face right on their lips. It might help them know it is food