New Kittens 1 of which is a biter!


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Jan 4, 2022
Hey there- We have 2 new kittens and one is def either teething or just really testing out his baby teeth on everything with some nibbling and biting. He has bit up a rubber dental toy to the point we threw it out because we didn't want him to choke on anything. Any advise on how to curb his nibbling and prevent him from biting fingers?

Thanks in advance!
Dave n Netty


Apr 20, 2021
How old are these 'new kittens'? As this behaviour is often there to this extent because they have been taken away from mother/siblings too early so have never learned bite inhabition, which the mother cat/siblings teach.... so you need to teach bite inhabition and a pair of gloves is a good training aid while playing with it, so as soon as the kitten bites you slip your hand out leaving the kitten with just the glove and it quickly saves you being scratched/bitten, then you need scratch/bite/kick toys so it can safely bite/scratch those ( but not left around 24/7)
With this kitten you are being used as prey, so the noise/fuss you make excites the kitten more as it beleives it have caught and is killing its prey ( so the gloves work to save you and stop you making any noise)
Other options are use a wand toy , piece of string, a cane with feathers secuely attached so your hands are out of the way to play and expell some of its excess energy.
I would look for some tough dog toys 'kong' make a few that are suitable to be bitten/kicked by an over excited/full of energy kitten they make both both hard rubber and now soft toys . also get some Ox heart, cut into strips and dry bake it in the oven, so it can chew/eat/bite something safely

I deal with lots of feral kittens and unless I can get them early , 4- 6 weeks old, which is very young I don't have any chance of taming them, so they have no chance of being homed in any domestic setting BUT at that age biting/scratching has not been resolved, although their life upbringing is very different from domestic kittens, at 4/5weeks old they will hide as a first option and if not they are little firecrackers who would fly at you and attack anything.