New kittens and fighting


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Feb 3, 2023

I have had my kittens for close to 1 month. They are from different litters (obvious in photos 😆) and seem to be bonded. Clean each other, sleep entangled ect…the tabbI’d energy is very high, loves to play, hunt is always the instigator in fights. He is super long and he goes on his hind legs, opens his arms up, while standing And ounces in the grey cat. Grey cat fights back and then growls or yells out. I know it’s natural to play, fight and be kittens…just worried little grey will get hurt.
The tabby is very smart and alert and lovely.

little grey is chill and is playful not nearly as much.



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Apr 20, 2016
Western NC
Kittens tend to be aggressive at first and they can be scary at times. I have 4 ones who are not yet a year old and they try to kill each other.
It's normal. They are high energy. I have plenty of toys for them and a carpeted wall in the garage for them to climb on and plenty of carpeted little kittie condos for them to hide and play in the house.

Kittens are hell. Especially when they want to mess with your feet in bed at night. They get over it, eventually.


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Feb 17, 2023
Same here. Kittens I have had myself or met at friends' places have always had the fight in them. Full of play those feisty little lovely creatures.

I do have to admit that I am overspending on toys so that might have played a role too. I buy too much cute stuff I see 😭