New Leopard Gecko?


Mar 22, 2021
The other day I went to go check my phone for texts and emails and I saw my friend from school texted me saying that she needed to rehome her leopard gecko. It came to her from her sister who had it for 3 months and then gave it to her after going to college. My friend never wanted the lizard but her sister didnt really want it either so she came to me to rehome it to. I know this sounds kinda scetchy but yesterday I drove to her house to pick it up and it was surprisingly in really good conditions. The name she came with was lizzy but I do need some renameing suggestions. ( I will post pictures soon on a diff thread) She is currently in a 20 gallon long and she is a "Fancy" Leopard gecko according to my friend. Anyways I will have a whole seperate thread on enclosure, names and more soon.