New to this forum My dog & Cytopoint


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Jun 9, 2021
My little Marty dog is a Terrier mix, 10 yrs old.
Marty around 3 yrs old started being a itchy dog! He has allergies especially to fleas! It has just gotten progressively worse over the years! The Vet started him on Apoquel. Which worked for a about 3 yrs. It got less effective. The Vet said let’s try this new product called Cytopoint. It worked beautifully the 1st time his hair grew back, he wasn’t itchy! It started to wear off and we got a second injection. My poor little dog. He got weeping sores, hot spots. His skin was hot and red. Sometimes he just laid there and trembled. He has crusty scales on him, he leaves scurfy flakes from his skin everywhere. His hair coat looks awful, he’s lost weight. He looks like he feels like crap all the time. He was a bright little terrier that used to like to go outside, eat, Now he wants to stay inside all of the time and is really off his food. The Vets keep telling me it’s not the Cytopoint, just couldn’t be! From what I have read there is a connection between Cytopoint and immune diseases! I don’t know which way to turn or where to go to get him help!


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Apr 20, 2021
Lots of people seem to have the same issues with Cytopoint and regardless of if the vet denies your feedback or not, going by the number of people who have experienced exactly the same after Cytopoint injections ....... you need to report your experience of Cytopoint to the relevant arthority for issues/problems with animal medications where you live AND in writing to your vet who gave it ( keep a copy of your letter) As while this drug which has had very limited research testing done is licensed vets will continue to purchase and use it

I personally don't like using drugs for myself as they cause many negative side affects most of us are unaware of ( as we don't read the very long instructions written in tiny writing before we take it) so I use no 'cover up' drugs and no chemical posion flea/tick/wormers for my dogs for exactly the same reasons.... and once any drug is in your blood stream you can't just 'remove' it or neutralise it and while there it runs its course
Allergies for anyone human or animal start with the immune system not working correctly ( unless it is a gene fault and that comes down to the breeding so something you can't do anything about after born) so it is important that the immune system is working at optimum levels...that comes down to what is eaten I feed raw/bone to my pets so I know what they are eating and none of it is junk ingredients, environmental allergies which can be anything from sprays/cleaners/washing liquids used in your home to farm sprays, vehicle and factory immisions... so some of those you have control over others you don't along with grass/tree/plant allergies and parasites.... I use 100% pure neem bark /leaf powder on their food and 100% pure neem oil as a coat finisher once a week after grooming, which is 100% affective to repel/kill and fleas, ticks, mites, worms so no need for chemical poisons, the side affect of neem is it is an immune booster.

If you know he is allergic to fleas then neem will stop that and means you don't have to give him chemical poisons to protect him. It is important you don't over bath him although an oatmeal bath could help soothe his skin so oatmeal tied in a muslim cloth held under the running water and then use the oatmeal tie like you would do soap to wash him soaps no shampoos as they remove the protective natural oils and forces the immune system to divert its concentration onto that area and towel dry, grooming often with a soft brush which will encourage the coat and natural oils to return which protects the skin and once a week a tiny amount ( small coin size) in your hands rub together and then all over the dog...the negative is that the oil has a strange smell but you get used to it and knowing you are not poisoning your dog is well worth it.
Aqueous cream or 100% Aloe Vera gel are both dog safe and can be used to moisturise the skin if dry, or protect the skin if broken and should help him feel more comfortable.


Jul 23, 2017
The only reason veterinarians prescribe this dog killer and deny it harms patients is Zoetis gives them financial incentives. You need to find a good veterinary dermatologist or holistic veterinarian whose main goal is not to earn commission for prescribing very dangerous medications.


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May 17, 2021
I have been using Cytopoint for several years for my chihuahua snauzer mix. It helped tremendously and there were no side effects that I know of. (I watch her like a hawk). But, after reading all these sad stories I won’t be giving it to her any longer. It’s been a couple months and she’s itching again. Not terrible but noticeable. I’ve done food allergy tests several times, don’t use chemicals for pests with the exception of heart worm med. I refuse to use Aqopel or any others. Cytopoint seemed to be the magic solution. Not sure what I’ll do in the future


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May 13, 2021
I think you might need to find a more educated vet... if there is any, the drug is a new one and they are testing it on YOUR DOG. Many people's dogs have gotten sick or died from it. @TTouch gave great alternatives.