Parkland therapy dogs have their own yearbook page

Dog Force One

Dec 8, 2015

By AJ Willingham, CNN
Updated May 17, 2019

This year's edition of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School yearbook features some very good boys and girls.

Among the photos of students and staff are the furry, smiling faces of the 14 therapy dogs that have kept MSD students and staff company since the day they returned to school following last year's mass shooting.

Their presence has brought joy and comfort when the MSD community needed it most, so it only seemed right to honor them with a special yearbook page and some expert canine portraiture.

"The kids love having the dogs on campus, and honestly, so do we," yearbook adviser Sarah Lerner told CNN.

Lerner said the dogs are like celebrities around school, and the idea to include their pictures came after another resident dog, who belongs to the school's media specialist, got her picture taken on school picture day.

"The editors and I started talking, and we decided we wanted to have all the dogs in the book," Lerner said. So on make-up picture day, the photography area was crowded with eager, well-behaved dogs ready to say cheese for the camera.

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