People-Aggressive Puppy… Advice Please?


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Sep 10, 2022
We have recently taken in a new puppy. She is a 2 year old Australian Shepard & Poodle mix (Aussie Doodle). She came first from a large family with no pets, 5 people, small space. She then spent 2 months mostly outside with another family. She is now with us, 3 people, 3 cats, two older dogs (3 years old).
She loves playing with the other dogs. Is fine with the cats, though the cats aren’t interesting in playing with her. She love toys.
She listens relatively well to a sit command, is very good motivated, does not respond to her name. She listens to one person in the house but is very aggressive to the others. Growling and snarling. It’s not constant. Usually only when someone changes rooms, but can only be stopped by one-of-three people in the house.
When she’s not snarling and aggressive, She will accept love/pets/play from any people. Jealous of any attention the older dogs get.
Any advise on how to get her to stop snarling and growling at people in the home?


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Mar 13, 2014
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sounds like fear aggression the worst k ind to have. she is afraid for herself not you people. these are dangerous dogs to have around as you dont know what will trigger her. A professional trainer might be able to work with her but maybe not..


Jun 22, 2013
Do you know why she only listens to one person in the house and is aggressive to the rest? Is that one person the one who mainly cares for her? If that's the case perhaps others in the household can feed her, go for walks with her and take part in her training.


Apr 20, 2021
So you have taken on an adult dog of a mix of working breeds which has never been trained the basics, never socialised or given what it NEEDS. It doesn't trust people as they in the dogs lifetime have never built any bond with this dog or provided correctly for you end up with a fearful dog and fear reactivity towards people means this dog WILL sooner or later bite and once it does it then knows it works ( and dogs only do what works for them) so will use bite as it first the first thing is you need to buy a well fitting basket muzzle, click a lead on and let the lead trail, so at anytime you want the dog to go out of the room, stand still, take it for a walk, feed it, get it off the furniture, move it to another place etc etc you just step on the lead and you can lift it and enforce what you need, no looking, talking or touching the dog ( all can enourage further fear) but you get what you want/need without fear of being bitten/attacked and the dog ill slowly realise no person is going to shout at it or beat it ....then after a week of that you need to seriously start providing the care, socialisation, daily/twice daily lead walks and weekly/twice weekly basic obedience classes this dog clearly has never had.

It 'listens' to one person as it fears that person OR respects that person that they will not hurt it ( without observing the behaviour it is impossible to say)

You will need professional help and someone who is qualified to understand and deal with a dog who suffers from people fear aggression however until you find the right professional, you can work towards helping her change her fears