Pet Duck has constant Seizures


New member
Aug 26, 2022
My 2 month old small brown pet duck started having seizures this morning, every 15-20 minutes and they last 1-2 minutes. We don’t know if this started last night but we found her in the morning having seizures and are unsure of how to help. We have just bought some nutritional supplements to hopefully help. Maybe antibiotics? We don’t have pesticides or anything poisonous they can get into and it’s just the small runt duck seizing. When she seizes her head only goes one direction and she goes in circles, she shows little interest in flocking with the ducks and follows our two chickens or wanders off on her own. She is drinking but getting lethargic.We live far from a vet and I fear the stress it would be for her to travel so far.Really don’t want to have to put her down. Can anyone with experience give advice?


Apr 20, 2021
You can 'treat' without knowing what the issue is for the seizures, so you need to at least phone the vet and ask advise