Pet Owners need a new name, Owner doesn't seem right.

Tilly TV

New member
Jan 10, 2021
When I started writing posts here, I found myself trying to not use owner. I used caretaker once, but that's not right either because I don't just take care of Tilly.
I think, from now on, I am going to use . . . . . . . Pal!
The dictionary defines Pal as a good friend. Someone you can count on.

Being a Pet Pal, sounds right.

OK let me have it, probably been discussed a thousand times!


Jul 23, 2017
My username is the most accurate identifier. Your relationship with any pet is the same as it would be for a human kid, so you are a pet parent.

I know someone who has a cute item with this text in her office: MY KIDS HAVE PAWS. She has three dogs.