Pet Portraits

May 13, 2021
Hello! So, since I have a lot of time on my hands I thought that I might make Pet Portraits. I am not marketing anything, I am just wondering if anyone wanted to get one of the arts and I could make it for them. I got inspired by @CatMom1994 when I made her cat (that she just adopted today so congrats!!!) a portrait. Doing pets with really lightimage3 (2).jpegimage4 (1).jpegimage5 (1).jpeg colors and poodles is a bit hard but I can see if I can do one for you. Thanks! I put some examples down here, I have 2 different formats: 1st one is the original picture
image3 (2).jpegimage4 (1).jpegimage5 (1).jpeg

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Jul 23, 2017
While looking at Bella in the living room, I noticed how much fur really was shaved off on each side and the sizes of her huge diaphragmatic hernia. I named her Bella because she is beautiful, but ironically will never get the chance to actually see how pretty she is. It will take months for all of the fur she lost to be replaced. Not only that, but I think Bella is still recovering from maternity because at least one breast has not returned to normal. Can I get an art portrait of Bella edited to show what she looked like pre-hernia and pre-pregnancy?
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Crazy fish lady
Dec 7, 2019
Your portraits are so beautiful! Would you do one for cookie?ECB76BE3-29C6-4314-9FB5-9130B12FE03F.jpeg