Pet sitting, and I think the dog may have fleas?!


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New member
Aug 11, 2019
Hello everyone. I am new to the group, and looking for some help, regarding the dog I'm pet sitting. While there last night, she was shaking her head, and itching like the point of me questioning if something severe is going on. I immediately did a full body scan, and found a few areas with redness/rash. She is a pittie, with very short/coarse hair, and I didn't see any live ones crawling. I will add pics of what I saw, as I'm worried it could be fleas. I'm worried for her poor self first, but also the fact that I have 2 cats at home and don't want to bring anything home, to them. I myself, have been very itchy, and finding red dots on skin, and my cats are constantly itching and shaking head/clawing at their ears. Please help, and I thank you all, in advance!!



Loving cats forever
Jul 23, 2017
I don't see any fleas. Does the person you are cat-sitting for know about it?


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
shaking the head could be sign of an ear infection. If you could bathe the animals in dawn dish soap any flieas will come off the dog if there are any, then treat with frontline to kill any if any are left
Aug 9, 2019
Edmonton, AB
It doesn't look like fleas, but I can't be 100% sure. A bath would be the right call. Use a dilution of 5-10% apple cider vinegar to water when you bath him. Pitties are notorious for skin issues, allergies, and sensitivities to change. Even anxiety used to exacerbate skin reaction in my old pittie. On top of disinfecting the area and repelling pests, apple cider vinegar is a natural pH balancer for the skin. A small amount of pure aloe can be applied topically to the areas if you find they are dry or itchy.

You can also use the vinegar dilution to clean the ears. I don't recommend pouring it into the ear canal. Instead, soak some cotton balls or a microfibre cloth, and use that to gently wipe the ear and remove dirt, bacteria, and debris.