Pets are soon to be banned in Iran


May 17, 2013
Yes, you read this correctly. Not just dogs (regarded as unclean by many, but not all, Muslims), but also cats (not unclean to Muslims) and other animals. Owners of pets will face time in jail. If you don't believe me, look here:


Apr 20, 2021
Lots of rules/laws in Iran that in the 'free' world 'looks' backwards, ...Iranians live under archaic extremely religious rules written centuries ago by men in a totally different 'time zone'. We in the free world ( and Western educated Iranians ) know that what happened 20 years ago let alone 60 or 1,000 years ago is out of date and not 'fit for purpose' today, The same religious people in Iran are the 'politicians' who make those laws and to 'keep control' they impose rules/laws like this to do just that, so the reality is when rule of law for a country is based on an archaic religious belief system this is what the people living under those religious laws have to abide by.
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