Nov 20, 2017
Seattle Washington
Hi. As far s i know there are many kinds of pit bulls. But their attitude is common. They are sweet, loving and they know how to socialized with people and also to their boss. Love them, so they will treat you like what you treat them. Dogs are mans best friend. I thing the you could do is to treat them like how you treat yourself.
Really true, Pit bulls are also sweet. Dogs are truly mans best friends plus they are very loyal.


New member
Oct 29, 2018
My pit Jasper is human in a pitbull body. She understands everything I say and can feel my emotions, sometimes before I do. She is a great human too. Some people bite and kill people and those people should not be allowed to raise animals at all, especially human children. A mean pitbull has a mean owner. The most violent wound from an animal I have ever witnessed was from a small poodle attacking a young girl. Adopt or raise a pitbull. You will get a best friend.


Chicken crazy
Jan 13, 2018
I think that pit bulls are just like the rest of the breeds. I also think that people say they are bad because the look very scary. Every dog can bite. I don't know why pit bulls make the news. I like all breeds of dog...even pit bulls and Rottweilers!

I don't know why people hate them, it is so mean.:mad: Why not hate any other dogs??