PlaynSqueak Mouse Hunter Cat Toy - My Cat LOVES It!


Pack Leader and Lover
Mar 28, 2012
My cat absolutely loved this toy mouse. All you have to do is lightly tap it, and it gives a very realistic mouse squeak, it's soft and looks natural and real. I've bought a few of these for him in the past, but the dog destroyed them. The only drawback was, it had tiny button batteries inside. I didn't notice that until the last one my dog ripped up. Luckily neither of them swallowed one. Since that day, I stopped buying them.

But, if I only had the cat and no dog, I would absolutely have several of these toy mice around the house at all times. He carried it back to me as his kill, and used to try to hide them under things, etc. He really had a good time with them.

I bought mine at a local pet store, they have it online here but probably too late for Christmas delivery.