PLEASE HELP! Female Maine Coon/Angora Mix Extremely Aggressive towards other animals


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Jan 28, 2020
So I need help asap and I signed up explicitly just to get answers! I have a beautiful maine coon and angora mix that was given to me from my cousin's friend. I have had her for two years. She loves people nonetheless, but is extremely aggressive towards other animals. For example, I own a Black Lab/Heeler Mix, and my grandmother who lives with me also owns a cat (unsure of the breed). She will randomly attack them both, showing signs of aggressiveness such as hissing, clawing at them, and growling. I thought she would eventually get used to them but she's been getting much worse, and when I go after her to discipline her, she cries and acts all guilty. I even found someone's lost dog, and took it into the house temporarily since I knew who owned them that they would be here shortly, my cat immediately chases the small dog and instantly goes full attack mode. I don't know what to do at this point. I need help! I'm literally in tears trying to write this.


Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
If the cat wasn't exposed to other cats and dogs when she was a kitten you aren't going to change her attitude now. And if your grandmother's cat is a female its even worse as nothing fights like two females. There is nothing you can do to change her personality now, she either needs a home with no other animals or the aggression in your house is going to continue.