Please help me keep my kitten family together!!!! PET CUSTODY


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Apr 23, 2020
How do you explain to someone that their pet belongs to you now? A friend of mine who didn’t have a home was allowed to stay with me with the understanding it was short term until he saved up money to get his own place. He brought his 1 year old kitten with him. At first I was simply babysitting his cat but now 3 months have gone by and I recently had to finally kick him out because we found he had been stealing from us.

This kitten has now attached herself to my other 3 cats. I have personally paid for all of the food and the cat litter and toys and everything this kitten needed ever since the day she was brought here. Me, my fiancé and my cats have all fallen in love with this kitten. She sleeps with me every night and wakes me up with kisses every morning.

Our friend would be gone for days at a time, a week even at one point. He would come home late at night to sleep and wake up to leave early the next day, mind you he never had a job this whole duration. He never made an effort to buy anything for this kitten, no food no litter, nothing. When he does finally come home and see the kitten, he plays so rough with her. Throwing her in the air to make her do back flip, putting buckets over her so she crawls around on the floor inside the bucket while he laughs. I know he means no harm and I’m sure he does like this cat, but he has left this cat in my care to take care of, feed, water, clean, play with, and love while he ran around town for days in a row never once in 3 months did he purchase anything for her, nor did he pay me anything for staying at my house and caring for his cat.

Now that I’ve kicked him out, he wants to come back and take this cat. He’s homeless, sleeping on couches of friends. Has no job, and recently has been on the run after being seen stealing from a store. This kitten doesn’t deserve to be homeless, with someone who can’t afford to feed her, or taken away from the 3 cats that I know she thinks are her family.




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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
that's easy keep the cat inside and don't let him in to take it. Tell him he is not welcome in your house and if he threatens to take it or call the police you will make a complaint with animal control. if it goes that far explain to animal control how he treated the kitten and how you paid its expenses and fed it and you want to keep it. Distance yourself from that looser, the lesss contact you have with him the better it will be for everyone including the cat.