Potty Training failure


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Jul 28, 2022
Anyone have hints on potty training? we’ve had our dog for ten months and have tried everything to train her and it’s failed. Anyone have any good tips?


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Mar 13, 2014
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house training is very easy. Put her in a crate and the crate has to be just big enough for her to stand, turn around and lay down. teach her words like outside and go potty. put her in the crate and ignore any fussing. if the crate is to big she can go potty and get away from it, she won't like laying in her own mess so she'll let you know when she wants to go out. take some of her poop outside an put it where you want her to go then take her out and say go potty, she will sniff around and when she goes praise and treat. Same with pee. If she doesn't go bring her back in and crate her then try again in a few minuts. soon she will associate the commands with the action. If she has an accident in the house ignore it and clean it up, do NOT scold or holler or hit her. that will only make her afrai and she'll find places to o where you can't see her.

feed her at regular time and take her out about ten or fifteen minutes later again saying otside and go potty. No playing with her until she goes she nees to learn go potty means go pot

what kind of dog are we talking about? A small dog can also be trained to a litter box using the same words and methods.when she learns the go potty command you can then train her to use a bell to let you know when she needs to go out

Never leave an untrained dog have the run of the house, if you have to leash her to you and if she squats grab her and take her out again saying outside and go potty. take her out after meals, when she is done playing and agter naps. Don't give her the opportunity to go in the house and she won't.
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Apr 20, 2021
Know the 'rules'... dogs need to toilet after eating/drinking, when they wake up and after playing.... and it is about you being consistant.

As you have failed, you are either not being consistant, not watching the dog carefully for the 3-5 weeks it takes to train toilet training, making too much of it, in either talking too much and confusing the dog or getting your command timing wrong

So you need to start again and do it a different way. Lindas suggestion of crating while you are not watching is a good one, but if you haven't crate trained then that can cause the dog stress, however you do need to reduce its space, either in one small room with an easy to clean floor and follow the 'rules'. Clip a lead onto the dog and let it trail, that way you can SILENTLY step on the lead/pick up the lead and walk outside without speaking and stand silently outside, just drop the lead once outside and let the dog sniff and hopefully pee/poo as it is DOING it that is when you speak, ONE command word ( I use 'clean' but you can choose any command word) and you only say that word when the dog is actually toileting.
If the dog doesn't 'go' after 5-10 mins then go in, restrict the dogs space and try again 10-15 mins later....all this is in silence. Once the dog learns the command word you can open the door and let the dog out on its own and tell it to 'be clean' so you then know your dog will toilet on command.

The idea of training ANYTHING is to get the ACTION and only then use the command word so the dog associates that action with that command word

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Aug 13, 2022
I was gonna comment but these two pretty much summed it up perfectly!

The only different that I do is that I use a word for things they do thats "bad", I use "shame" but I do not yell at them just say it in a low tone while pointing at the bad thing/action. (Dogs correct each other with biting, saying shame isn't gonna hurt more than that. Won't hurt at all) I only do this after they're begun to understand to potty outside and have the occasional accident. Not before this time. Then they usually understand that you only want them to potty outside and it upsets you when they go inside. Always praise and treat when they go outside until they get it down well.

Tips: if your dog doesn't go when you take it out, wait a few minutes walking around so they're encouraged to sniff around. But if they still don't go, take them in the watch until they look like they have to go. When you see that tail go up or curve up in an odd way and/or the back legs spread weird then they're gonna poop. In the start sniffing, turning and walking slowly and start to lean down, they're about to pee.


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Oct 28, 2022
There are many ways to potty train a dog, and what works for one dog may not work for another. Some dogs quickly learn and pick up on the rules immediately, while others may need a little more time and patience.


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Apr 20, 2016
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I had my Lilly, and I took her out constantly when she was a puppy. After eating, after playing, all the time and before bed. Out, out out. Then she learned and was great!