Pterinochilus murinus care tips?


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Apr 22, 2021

Ive been keeping spiders for a bit, but only jumping spiders and wolf spiders. But I’m considering a tarantula, specifically the Pterinochilus murinus or orange baboon tarantula. I have a couple questions about them. I know they do bite, and they do not at all like being handled, I am not planning on holding him, I just want a look-at pet. I have a 10 gallon tank, it’s 20” long, 10” wide, and 12” tall. Is this suitable? What humidity level and temp would be best for him? For food, I always have multiple sized crickets (very small, and adult size) on hand, as well as mealworms and super worms I use to feed to my other animals. I also occasionally have wax worms around. It would be great if I could (mostly) feed him that, I know he will need more to his diet, but will any of these work as a main diet? And my final question, should I provide things for him to climb on? I’ll provide plenty of hides, a shallow water dish, and some type of wood, but should it go kinda high up the tank so he could climb? I know if he fell from something super high he could get hurt. But will something like this work?

Sorry for so many beginner questions. Thanks! :)


Mar 22, 2021
Im no expert on Spiders but I will try to help. If you want better Turantula Info go to Exotics Lair Youtube, He provides specific species details and How to feed and care videos along with owning many species. A varied diet is best for most animals, You wouldnt want to only eat meatballs and only meatballs for the rest of your life would you? My favorite feeding option is Waxworms and Dubia Roaches, It can be kinda hard to find these two so they may not be the easiest to feed compared to crickets. Meal worms, Super worms, and Crickets are all fine though I would probably switch the prey item every week if posible.
I dont own Turantulas so I dont know the humidity requirments for Orange Baboons so I would go to a turantula specific forum if you want more indepth answers. Your housing seems fine, I would add like a peice of drift wood or somthing for them to climb on to give them more surface area though its not a must have.
Other than that I think you are all set and Good luck!