Pug/Spaniel - Dry Food Recommendations


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Mar 10, 2015
Hi everyone,

So I have a 11 month old pug/spaniel mix. When I took him to get neutered recently the assistant said he is starting to get a lot of tartar build up and to enforce more brushing and provide dry food that scrapes the tartar off. We are brushing the teeth more frequently now and it was suggested for me to get the vet recommended, "Hills: Science Diet", however I noticed when I gave him his breakfast he was not liking it. Personally, I feel the kibbles are too big for him and he's not interested in putting so much work to chew at it. The kibbles are much larger than the ones he is used to (please see attachments).

Does anyone recommend any healthy dry food that prevents tartar build-up?



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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
Science diet is NOT a good food. Its made by the hills company and they make a lot of specialty foods for animals with different issues which is fine but Science diet is not one of the better foods. I feed a raw diet but if you are going to feed commercial dog food Orajin is the best of the best and fromm is also a very good food. Get him an antler to chew on, that will keep him occupied for a long time and will scrape the tartar off the teeth as he chews. He won't be able to break it but get an antler with the points on it, the smaller flat ones can slide down the throat and choke him. Get a big one, even if he's a small dog the bigger ones are better. No danger of him breaking off a piece and swallowing it.


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Mar 28, 2012
I feed my cat Blue Buffalo, my dog food I get from Costco, I don't know if you're a member, or if they even have them in Canada. Anyway, Blue has numerous varieties for smaller dogs, which would mean smaller kibble. http://bluebuffalo.com/product-finder/dog/?facets=Puppy,Dog_DryFood

I agree with Linda, the vets push Hill's Science Diet and they likely profit from doing so, but it's not a good dog food at all.