Rescue Dog. Loves people, hates other dogs and I’m out of ideas to help.


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Mar 5, 2020
My wife and I found Winston at a local shelter a few years ago in a terrible state. He was mostly hairless from mange, about 15 pounds under weight (averages about 65 pounds healthy), and scared of everything.

So, we brought him home and set to work on building him up. We have both had a fair amount of experience working with dog from a traumatic past. We introduced him to life slowly, and kept our patience handy.

At first we were right on track. After a few weeks, Winston became quite aggressive toward my older female Rhodesian Ridgeback that is very docile. He started picking fights and acted aggressively whenever she tried to play with or without him, even drawing blood on more than one occasion.

We have been able to work through most of those issues between the two living in the house. Winston now will play with our large cat, but never engages with Ife, the Rhodesian. But now his aggression has increased tenfold with animals outside of the house. We cannot walk past another dog without him trying to actively attack the other dog, go near a dog park, or have another dog walk past our house without him freaking out.

We’ve tried at least a dozen different leashes, distraction training, treat training, trying to ignore the bad behavior, and a few different types of disciple training. No solution seems to work. Most recently he has begun to resource defend with Ife in our home and sometimes will not let her drink water unless he is in another room.

I am desperate for any advice even if it is suggested reading. We have one local trainer that charges $50 for a group session which I don’t think it is even safe for us to attend with Winston right now. All positive advice is welcome. Thanks!

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Mar 28, 2012
How old is Winston, and what breed is he, is he neutered? Did the shelter give any information about why he was there, like he was animal aggressive? Is your Ridgeback spayed?

You're very good for rescuing him, but if he is aggressive toward other pets and animals, then he should have been adopted by a home without pets. Is Winston aggressive with you at all, can you remove his food bowl without incident? Can you take a toy away from him? Does he have his own bed, food bowl?

Just asking these things because they may also be triggering this aggressive behavior.


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Jul 23, 2017
How old was Winston when you adopted him? If he was dropped off by someone who could not train him, a volunteer should have told you that. I hope that was not the case.