Rosencross’s new tank!


Crazy fish lady
Dec 7, 2019
Hi all! Big announcement! I’m planning on getting a 40 or 50 gallon aquarium shortly. I plan to set up a planted (with anubias, Java fern and crypts) oranda goldfish tank! It’s gonna be super fun and I will update you all on that later.

To the point. Since I only have one fish tank shelf, the new tank will have to be where the 10 gallon was, so that means bye bye 10 gal. So, what I did, was I bought a clear sterilite tub (about 5.5 gallons), added some sand from the 10 gal, put in my extra tetra whisper i10 filter (packed with cycled filter media), a heater, air bubbler, some plants, then transferred Rosencross in. This fits on the shelf below and is lighter then the 10 gal, making me able to get the bigger tank.

The snails are totally happy with the new setup, but Rosencross was pretty stressed out, so I added some extra stress coat, an almond leaf, and left lights off till this morning. He looks much better today and ate his breakfast fine.

Here it is! The water is still a little foggy, but it looks pretty nice for a plastic tote, right?83FC2AF0-3BD8-4DEC-B82A-B62B9496E023.jpegimage.jpgimage.jpg

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