Scratching and afraid of floor


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Dec 24, 2018
It started as my cat just scratching a lot and i was finding scabs on her neck. She has also been losing clumps of fur. In the last 2 or 3 days it has gotten worse and she avoids the floor (carpet) at all costs. There is a single shelf in my closet that she now spends all day laying and sleeping on. She meows when she needs me to pick her up because, again, she seems to be avoiding jumping onto the floor. We live in a single room and she is about 11 or 12. I am unable to afford to take her to the vet for the next few weeks.

My immediate inclination is something like fleas. However, my skin is very sensitive and it is especially sensitive to fleas. I cannot find any signs of insect or dirt. I keep checking her ears, her skin, her brush, and a lint roller i have that collects and locks fur in a container. I have also checked the vacuum cleaner. I just cannot find any signs of a parasite. So I am worried it is a tiny parasite that leaves a little footprint.

My other idea is that she developed an allergy to something. She isn't avoiding her food which is the same food i have been feeding her for years. She isn't avoiding her litter box and was even sitting in it before she had a clear shelf to lay on.

Side note, the shelf she lays on is next to an air purifier. It sucks air from the sides and blows it out of the top. So she isn't having air blown on her, but maybe there is something else at play.

Because she seems to be avoiding the carpet and staying in one spot all day, my best guess is a parasite somehow found its way into my room and onto her. I am assuming they have laid eggs into my carpet and that is why she is scared of it. I would like to know where to go from here. I could flea bomb my room but other than the cost, it is a major inconvenience if the problem actually is not fleas (which i do not think it is). What ideas do you guys have and is there a product or spray i can look into to remedy the problem.

EDIT: I also should have mentioned that there are 2 other cats on the property. My room is separate from the house, but my housemates have an additional outdoor cat and a kitten that has yet to be outdoors and is about 6 months old. They have had no issues.


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
It doesn't sound like fleas to me either, but just to be on the safe side get some revolution, that will kill fleas, internal parasites and mites. As far as her not jumping you could give her tumeric, this is a natural anti inflamatory so would help with the stiffness. Why she is afraid of the rug, I have no idea, just sometimes they seem fearful of certain thing for no reason that we know of. It would not be fleas or eggs in the rug, she would not be able to see them to fear them. And even if she could she would not connect flea eggs with herself


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Mar 28, 2012
I would try and give her a couple of other choices to lie on besides the shelf. Can you put a plastic runner on the carpet, and maybe give her a soft chair to lie on, even a cardboard box. I would definitely vacuum the carpet very well. Maybe you can't do it right now, but I'd get her to the vet as soon as possible, it's cruel to leave her so uncomfortable and suffering, especially with the hair loss and everything.