Should I get another Border collie??


New member
Dec 22, 2021
Hi, I have an 11-month-old female border collie called Meg and she is quite the handful. She is constantly jumping up on the table with food, is very skittish around other people but loves other dogs, is not at all good on the lead out on walks and she just freaks out, she is always chasing our cat because she has so much energy and is always annoying our 7-year-old small dog because of her energy we are starting to consider whether get another Border Collie would be a good idea to help control her energy and make her feel less insecure when out and about or with strangers. Would it work if the other border collie was younger but a lot bolder and much more friendly?? Or could this just be double trouble?? Please give some advice.


Apr 20, 2021
Goodness no...... another BC will just behave in exactly the same way as it will learn you don't expect manners and will copy the one you have. So get training, traching manners and obedient, LOTS of lead walking and book an obedience class to get Meg under control with help, then look at joining an activity class, like tracking or basic agility to teach her rules and use her brain and energy for something positive....... reality is until you have a well socialised, well mannered and obediant Meg along with an positive outcome class for her energy you should not consider another dog as you still have lots to teach Meg and also need to build her self confidence