Sorry- Low hangers on older male dog


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Aug 18, 2022
Hello! My dog Bellingham ("Benny") is now 10 years old. He has only one ball because one never descended when he was young. Then I had the internal one removed with surgery before he was about 1 year old because of higher risk of cancer.

Nothing else related happened and everything has been normal, until a few months ago. His remaining ball swelled somewhat (not a lot) and maybe because it weighed more (?), his scrotum hangs down lower than before- not very strangely so, but more than before. As a result, when Benny goes on his walks, his uniball will whip back and forth behind him- left/right/left/right- which did not used to happen.

This seems like it should be a bit uncomfortable, but Benny doesn't seem to make anything of it. Has anyone else had an older intact male dog and seen this happen? Is it possibly just normal aging? The vet said it could be cancer, but did not test.

Instead Benny took two rounds of antibiotics- first doxycycline for 30 days to eliminate the possibility of blood parasites, which are very common locally and have caused weird, sudden problems in all my dogs at one point or another until the blood parasites got cleared.

But this time no effect from doxy on the appearance of the ball. Then he took a course of clavamox, but this did not have any effect on the ball either. Benny still does not seem uncomfortable or behave strangely. It just looks somewhat weird. Because of past very bad results and experience after neutering a previous male dog, I will never neuter a male dog again.

So even if it were cancer, I will not have the remaining ball removed. I'm just wondering if this is maybe just a normal phenomenon in older male intact dogs? Has anyone seen or heard of it before? This is my first older male dog.