Stray kitten use litter box as playtime


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Jan 20, 2021
i just brought in a 4 mo old stray and it has not used a litter box before - he prefers to pee on something soft and play in his box. We have 2 other cats and no issues - both rescues from outdoors as kittens. Any one have any suggestions on how to get him to use the box? - never run across this


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
could be a couple of reasons why he isn't using the box, Has he been vet checked for a UTI? that will make him pee on soft things Where did he come from? If he is a stray or a barn cat he may never used a box before. Or worst case senario he is just a dirty cat and will never be trained. You can try putting him in a small room with a litter box and his food and see if he uses the box. But if he's a dirty cat he'll always be a dirty cat. They are clean or they aren't. You can also put regular dirt in a box, he may be used to just going outside
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