Study Shows That Your Dog Can Recognize Your Face


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Mar 28, 2012
Study shows that our dogs can recognize our faces, and tell us apart from other people...:doghouse:

Until recently, the ability to identify facial features was presumed to be a highly developed skill only humans and primates possess. (This, despite the fact that faces and eye contact are known to play an important role in human-dog communication.)

But a study conducted at the University of Helsinki and published recently in the journal Animal Cognition concludes that domestic dogs – both family dogs and those living in kennels – are also able to recognize faces.

Among the researchers' findings: dogs show more interest in the faces of other dogs than human faces; dogs living with families are more responsive to human faces than dogs living in kennels; and dogs spend a lot of time looking at the eyes.

Also, like humans, dogs have a harder time identifying faces that are upside-down than faces that are normally oriented.

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May 18, 2014
Mine stares me at the eyes regularly with a cute face. It's pretty cool I think. Specially when she turns the face to the left a little bit while waiting some reaction from me.