Sweet Jackchi Rescue Doggy Sensitive tummy Need help!!

Thelma Lou

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May 15, 2020
I'm new to this forum and very excited to have found it!

I have 2 rescue dogs, one a Chiweenie and the other a Jackchi

I actually need a bit of help with both of them because I am very sensitive to their feelings and it keeps me from being a good owner sometimes. I get upset when they are so it prevents me from doing things that are good for them.

Example: trimming nails
getting used to new safer harness or collar that fits better but feels different to them so they are not feeling good about the adjustment
Food: Trying many foods to get them to eat healthy and then going back to chicken, sweet potatoes/other vegies because 1. They won't eat conventional dogfood
2. My almost 3 year old jackchi recently has only had watery diarrhea when I incorporated really high quality wet food in with their regular chicken or beef or ground turkey plus veggies that I make for them

So would love some ideas about some of this stuff because it makes me very sad when I can't feed them without seeing healthy poops or tummy aches.

Thank you so much


Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
you can add some plain canned pumpkin to their food, this will help with the loose stools. Also not enough bone will give them loose stools also, if you don't want to give them bones buy powdered bone meal just make sure its for animals and not plants as the plant version is toxdic to animals. Changing the food all at once will also give them loose stools and feeding the food raw is better than cooked as cooking c\ kills nutrients. Also they should be given a probiotic daily. A dog's immunity begins in the ggut so you must keep that healthy and that is where the probiotic comes in.

Dogs like routine, a new harness changes things, let them get used to it and they will be fine.