The Cone of Shame

Has your dog had the cone of shame before?

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May 13, 2021
So, my dog got stitches today and he completely HATES his cone. When we take his cone off (for him to eat) he is happy, wags his tail, and moves around but when we put it on him he is just stuck and doesn't move. He is also still under anesthesia a bit, any advice would be helpful.


Apr 20, 2021
Vets use them to protect their work, based on the fact that many owners don't have dogs that are obedient when told to 'leave', Vets also give the impression the cone needs to be left on 24/7 and that dogs need to be crated for 10 days 'to heal'...back to Vets, they are medical professionals NOT behaviourists and cones unbalance the dog often are made of milky plastic which also stops the dog seeing correctly around them, enclosing their ears so stops them hearing clearly and changes their shape for other dogs who see them encouraging other dogs to take far more interest in them and in many cases causes attacks on them, the attitude of humans is a mix between shame and pity which comes across as weak energy and that further disables their dogs feelings as in their head weak owners can't lead or look after them making them feel more hypersentitve and anxious, so dogs wearing a cone can be far more reactive based on all these things.

So your attitude towards them is easy to change, setting up in your head it is 'not' "the cone of shame", it doesn't need to be on 24/7 even for a dog that is disobedient, while you can be observant and while lead walking, while teaching new tricks/training new words. giving the dog non active things to do/learn, like eating a raw bone which releaves anxiety and keeps their attention, tiring them then the dog doesn't need it on , even for the worse dog it only needs to be on when you are not watching, like overnight when you are sleeping. For dogs I know who will need them, practice use for a few days prior to operation is always the best way I ALWAYS exercise the dog first or tell the owner to so, so their energy is reduced and put it on and call it 'jewellery' simply as jewellery generally is a nice thing, it makes the owner smile and that happiness and positiveness passes onto the dog setting up a totally different impression to them, keeping the dog separate from other pets in the household to stop it feeling vunerable to attack or OTT attention from them, making sure it is clear plastic and with 'hearing holes so see through it and also hear or better still purchasing an inflatable collar type instead OK for stitches from their neck and backwards, but not suitable for front leg stitches...a simple and effective DIY is foam pipe lagging taped/fixed around their normal collar.