This is the story of my precious Mr. Gully Bear.. The best $2,500 I have ever spent..


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Jul 15, 2013
This is the tragic story of Mr. Gully Bear, my two year old cat. Mr. Bear is the sweetest, most loving, smartest and one of the best cats I could have ever asked for. I watched Mr. Bear grow since he was born. If you have a heart or have ever owned a cat or a dog, loved an animal and called it yours... then you can imagine how incredibly hard and traumatic the last 7 months have been for Mr. Bear and I. Please read this and share with friends and family.

About a week before Christmas, he was outside doing it is whatever cats do when I had fallen asleep. When I woke up, it was to Mr. Bear crying and unable to use his back left leg. I immediately wanted to coddle him but when I attempted to pick him up, he cried and hissed which was a first in our relationship, I knew in my heart his leg was either broken or severely sprained.

I brought him to the vet the following morning... Our vet touched his leg and knew it was broken but decided to take few pictures of his leg to see the damage. The news that came back 20 minutes later was the most shocking and heartbreaking news that we could have received just a few days before Christmas. His leg was definitely broken.. when the vet showed me the picture of his x-ray, my heart sank. His poor little leg was broken into roughly 80 different pieces, splices and shards of bone.

The doctor pointed something out on the x-ray that at first I had trouble believing. It appeared that a bullet from a .22 was lodged in his hip. What we think happened, was the bullet entered through his abdomen at a downward angle, luckily missing every organ... and after ricocheting off the bone, it landed in its resting place in his hip bone. I started to cry... not only did my heart ache for my cat who I knew was in writhing pain, but I knew that I didn't have money to spend to fix him... I thought I had to put him down. He was the luckiest cat to have not been injured from the bullet, I didn't have the heart to end his life.

My vet felt like there was a possibility to save the leg, so I was sent to see a specialist in Concord. The specialist told me that there was really no hope in saving this leg but assured me that cats with 3 legs can live a very full and happy life provided they are in the right environment.

So, with the help from someone very close to me and $1,300.00 later... his left leg had been amputated. We provided him with an environment that was loving, clean and never lonely, which was the best home that we could give him. Mr. Bear belongs to a pride of 3 other cats along with being a fan favorite to 2 african grays constantly calling his name, a parrotlet he loves to watch and a golden retriever who is the most gentle of pups. With the help of all his friends at the menagerie... he was able to play, run and be loved.

There were days when I felt like he was slightly depressed, but I can imagine so... being shot, losing a leg... having to wear a cone for 2 months, I'd be depressed too! There were other days where I knew he loved his life and acted like a sweet kitten.

That was just the start...

In early June of this year, he was pummeled by a street bully (a cat that was not mine) while he was sleeping in the hammock on our porch. A couple of days later we started noticing that his left eye was acting up. I brought him to the vet where he was put on an ointment treatment for his eye. 3 days passed, it didn't get better. We tried an eye drop regimen but nothing seemed to help. The pressure was building up in his eye and was becoming very painful. We were sent down to north Andover to see a specialist who let me know that Mr. Bear was now blind in his left eye and the pressure would not go down, but continue to rise.

Being so emotionally attached to this cat I went through with the surgery to remove his left eye. $1,200 later I had a 1 eyed, 3 legged cat. I was ok with this because I knew that I could still give him the best home as a disabled cat. In fact, he caught a chipmunk just a couple of days after his surgery! We spent extra money and had his eye sent out to UNH for testing. When the results came back, it seemed promising! It wasn't cancer! They thought it may have been a small bacterial infection, but it had little traces of bacteria or yeast.

About two weeks later I noticed that his other eye was starting to act up in the same manner as the eye we just had removed. I brought him to the vet again where they did a series of blood tests. Later on that day, I learned that he was diagnosed with FIPV which is mutated strain of the common cat chest cold. However, FIP virus was not just a cold. It is a fatal disease that was going to kill him. This is an extremely rare disease which effects 2% of cats that can't fight off the cold themselves. I was given the timeframe of a few weeks to a year. I learned that he has intense inflammation in his brain which is building pressure up in his eyes. I could take out his other eye and have a blind cat who will die soon anyways or I could just let him go..

Exactly two years ago, Mr. Bear was given to me as a birthday present by my family... It was the best present I have ever received in my adult life.

Now, on my birthday two years later... I have to say goodbye to my best friend, my companion, my Mr. Gully Bear...Thank you Mr. Bear for being the sweetest, most loving cat in the world. I wish you have endless amounts of paper towel rolls, cat nip and Temptations treats in heaven. When you look down on me, remember that you are everything I ever wished for in a companion. I'm so sorry I couldn't do more for you... we have tried everything to save your life. I feel like I have let you down. I'll miss you more than anything, no one could ever replace you. :(

Thank you to the Animal Hospital for taking care of Mr. Bear and loving him as part of your family. I know you'll be just as sad to see him go as I am.

To the person who shot my cat: YOU are the reason why my cat has been diagnosed with FIPV. You didn't use your brain that night. YOU are the reason he is dying. The reason I am losing my best friend, my companion. If you hadn't shot him, he wouldn't have need the surgery and would not have had a weak immune system, he would have been able to fight the cold. How is it possible you didn't hear him cry after you pulled the trigger? Some days I try to give you the benefit of the doubt, that maybe you thought it was a skunk. Most days, I think you knew it was a cat.. I think you knew exactly what you were doing that night, and I truly believe that you are a coward for not being honest when the police knocked on your door asking if you had shot a cat. I have spent $2,500 in the last 7 months trying to save my young cats life because of you. People like YOU shouldn't be allowed to own a gun.

Thank you Goffstown Police for trying to help the best you could, I guess we'll never know who it is that thinks it is OK to shoot a gun in a neighborhood surrounded by small children and animals. I hope you find him someday.
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Mar 28, 2012
Sorry to hear about your cat, very sad condolences to you and your family. :(


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May 2, 2013
Northern Alabama
CJ, that is a terribly sad, sad story,and I can almost not even write to tell you how much my heart hurts for you, and the loss of your beloved Bear. Losing any pet that you love is the hardest thing ever, and when it is caused by some uncaring person harming your pet, that is just beyond anything.
At least you have the good memories, and the pictures, and the hope of meeting Bear at the Rainbow Bridge.
Hugs and Prayers.....HFL


Apr 10, 2012
So sorry to read of the tragic story of your beloved Mr Bear cjtremblay,you did a wonderful thing caring for him the way you did, my sympathy goes to you and you family
RIP Mr Bear


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Apr 15, 2021
I am so sorry to hear all that. Mr. Bear seemed like a very sweet cat. No animal should have to suffer in such a way because of one’s careless actions.

We are so sorry.