Thunder Warrior


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Dec 10, 2019
Hello everyone,

I am having some trouble with my new rescue pup. She has been in the family for about two months now and we had our first thunderstorm last night. She started barking uncontrollably.

Some background for you all, Adele has severe separation/crate anxiety. When she was shipped from Puerto Rico (she is a Sato) she was probably forced into a crate and then into one of the most traumatic experiences of her life, aside from Cat 4/5 Hurricanes. Honestly, I would guess the plane ride was worse. When we first introduced her into our home we attempted to crate train her but she seems to have some possible PTSD understandably and went ballistic for HOURS. I mean screeching, barking, biting, scratching, whining, peeing, defecating, etc. It felt abusive leaving her in there so we stopped. Now, I want to clarify that we never forced her in there. She trusted us so much that she would go in, let us lock it and walk out of the room, and then all hell would break loose. Tried everything from pheromones, thunder jackets, kong toys, plush toys, theta wave relaxation music, classical music, tv noise, etc to no avail, so the vet put her on Trazadone and Fluoxetine until we could get her to an even level.

We can now leave her in our bedroom with our original dog, and she will mostly just sleep in the bed for the day with the occasional movement to lie by the door or sit by the window. She takes a lot of comfort in being near our original dog, Duncan, luckily. When we first started leaving her in our room she would rip up paperwork and things so we removed anything like that so that she could just get used to being in the room, making that her safe place.

Fast forward to last night, our first thunderstorm.... Sorry... more history is needed: she has trouble sleeping through the night. Even after being on medication for over a month, she wakes up panting and will just stare at you and pant for hours. She is a very anxious pup and has probably been through some pretty traumatic events in her life. But, recently, she has started to sleep a little bit better. She still wakes up and pants, but if I rub her head and ears and tell her to go "night night" she will settle herself down and fall back asleep (didn't work before). But last night, my boyfriend and I woke up from a deep sleep to the house shaking from thunder and our warrior pup barking it away. It was frantic barks, one after the other, very rushed. She was freaked out but not shaking. After all of the medication AND melatonin I had given her a few hours earlier you would think she would be able to relax but she just cannot at this point.

What can I do? I live in Florida, where we have thunderstorms 80% of the year, pretty much daily during some months/seasons. Luckily, last night the thunder stopped pretty quickly, but I cannot imagine what it would have been like if the storm had been like they typically are where I live. January is usually a pretty stormy time, with some tornados even, and I just want to be prepared to help her however I can (and get some SLEEP!!!)

Thanks for reading this if you took the time, I talk exactly the same way that I write and sometimes it's just too dang much.


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Jan 8, 2020
Hello, i have a puppy too, she's not traumatized, but she needs all the attention you can give her... I've been sitting at home, or go out with her all the time, asked my employer to work at home instead of the office. She needs to feel that youre present for her, it's like a baby, a dog becomes independent with time, but first they need care as a newborn baby. Your pet has trauma, and i dont believe in medications.. maybe in her case it helps, but it could be solved if you gave her time. I understand if you don't, It's ok. But when you're at home, give her attention, stay with her all the time, play with her, let her sleep next to you for a little while. Take her in your arms and let her feel that she's safe. Time and patience will change things, don't panic. Youre here for your pup, you're doing a great job. You won't sleep good until she/he's used to it. Also, try to see a trainer, not a vet. Vets only knows technical stuff, trainers knows how they think.