turtle eyes closed in water


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Jan 17, 2019
so i was treating my 2 turtles for fungal infection when suddenly one of my turtle closed one of her eyes i thought the lotion or antiseotic gone in to her eye but she was opening her eyes afterseconds when i put her back in the tank she closes her eyes again and swims with her eys closed i took her out she opened her eyes again and when in water the eyes closed i repeated this process 2 times and thought to do a water change(mind you the other turtle was alright the whole time no eye issues after changng the water i noticed both of her eyes were closed while on dry land i went and got an eye drop and lens cleaner i haveapplied the eye drops and put her back she swims with eyes closed but i have seen her open her eyes once or twice
one more thing she has no difficulty eating yet...so whats the matter please explain thanks...