Turtle Injury or Shell Rot?


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Aug 14, 2019
I recently got a baby western painted turtle and I noticed a few marks on his plastron a week after getting him. When I first got him His shell was perfectly healthy. About a week ago I started dosing turtle fix and lightly brushing his plastron with a tooth brush at feeding time, it seems to go away but comes back the next morning. He lives in a 40g breeder with a juvenile res (both will be moved in separate enclosures once they get bigger) I do weekly 30% water changes, water temp is 78, basking spot has all the uv requirements and the temp is 87, the tank is fully filled with the basking area being on top so plenty of spots to swim and hide. I do see him bask (usually in the morning). He prefers to rest on a dock I have off on the side where he is most of the time.

When I first got him

A week ago


Any suggestions? It seemed to have gotten better on one spot but now spread lower. Also is there a possibility he is injuring it on a decoration?


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Mar 24, 2020
Ok, I think that is shell rot but I’m not sure. Here are the instructions.

Wherever the shell rot is, Scrub soap on it for 20 seconds. Then, put a little of benadine on the shell rot spot. Do not take the benadine off, let it stay there. Do not let the turtle consume any of it, and after the benadine is on let it dry before putting him back in the tank. Also get a UV or UVB lamp for the calcium.

I hope this works,