Turtles Won't Go on Floating Docks


New member
Aug 26, 2018
I bought a 40 gallon aquarium and have two turtle docks (a large one and a smaller one). My turtles will not go up there and they need to! One has a little bit of shell rot so definitely needs to bask. These are rescues I've had for just a couple of weeks. At first, I had them in a 20 gallon aquarium, and they did bask but they have not basked since I put them in this 40 gallon aquarium yesterday. I have two heaters in there set to 78 degrees but the water feels kind of cold, not even sure they are working. I also have one large filter which seems to be keeping the left side clean but not the right side. I bought another filter. I am going to add it to the right side I think. Please see the pictures I attached. How can I get them to bask? Does the setup look ok?IMG_2560[1].jpgIMG_2560[1].jpg