Updates On One Of My Oldies :)

Tongue Flicker

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Dec 4, 2013
Madina't Isa, Bahrain
I wanna introduce one of my oldest tarantula, an eight-year old Samar Cave Tarantula (Selenocosmia samarae). She's been staying with a friend til i got back from my overseas work and man, she's an oldie and a fattie lol

This was her during arrival day, looking scrawny and helpless.

Here she is now, fat as a cow :D (notice the shiny butt)

Love it how her short body-hair can cause a shiny reflection :D

NEVER handle/pick-up an Old World Tarantula by force or against its will.
This one here decided it wants to go out, i just opened her enclosure, she crawled out and i let her walk on my hand in her own volition. No stress, no harm done. Again, always be safe.

Photo is to show how big she is now, 5 inches with a nice spread.

She's not as defensive/aggressive as compared to her other native cousin, Orphnaecus sp. but they are skittish if startled.

Happy 8-legged Monday guys! :D