Vectra 3D, Synovi-G4 - your thoughts?


Ellie's dad
Nov 14, 2014
Pierre Part Louisiana
I use Vectra 3D for mosquito and tick /flea repellent. Had any concerns using it? How long after applying can you bath your buddy? It's tough running the liquid between the fur along her back, worried I'm not getting it to Ellie's skin.

Synovi-G4 (by Bayer AG) is a supplement to "keep joints healthy." Do you see or have any experience with them? Thanks for all your input, I only have one referral for both of these products, Ellie's vet. I trust the vet, but know no one else using these two products. Thanks!!

Sorry, this should have been in "Dog Health and Nutrition," don't know how to move it!

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