Wanting my cat and dog to get along


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Dec 22, 2020
Hi, my name is Mary and I love dogs and cats. I moved in with my husband in 2008 ad he had a 4 yr old English bull terrier -REV-, very active sweet, wants to lick and sniff everything and everyone. I wanted to have a cat in the house too, so I brought home some fosters Fuzzy, Amun, and Bongo in that order. Rev was great with them but each one did not like Rev and/or tried to scratch this 50 lb sweetheart, Rev never retaliated. I gave it one more try and we brought home Pressley. She hissed and smacked Rev at first then Rev stuck up for her outside with a dog that was barking at her, and a friendship was born. For the next ten years, they were close. Rev would still sniff her to death and sometimes she would walk away from him to avoid that but she got used to it and I think she saw it as attention and his way of loving her. He never bit her and she was never afraid of him doing so.

Rev died on Nov 24, 2019, 14 years 3 1/2 months old (RIP Rev) - and Pressley has had to run of the house. That's 3 bedrooms, LR, Kitchen and full basement, and over 1/3 acre of land in PA where we get all the seasons of weather. She wants to play (She's about 14 now) with shoelaces and yarn and loves to have her belly rubbed. She likes chase games, where she meows loudly and I came to 'git' her she meows and runs away then she barrel rolls (so cute) and she purring while I'm loving and petting her. She slept all over the house sometimes with us in the LR but sometimes she would go into closets and find a blanket to sleep on for hours, or whatever. She did what she wanted when she wanted, inside, outside, whatever.

I wanted to grow my family again, so on December 13, 2020, we brought home Mac from the shelter where my husband and I volunteer. Mac (the name WE taught him in one day, his shelter name was Blox) is a Bullboxer breed, about 70 lbs. He was very excited to come to our house. He loves people and likes other dogs too. He was attacked in the shelter, got his lip cut, short fight overall, but never held a grudge on other dogs or people.

Before we brought Mac home I got a washcloth and rubbed it on Mac's armpits (legpits) and wiped it on his underside a little too. I brought it home to Pressley, she ignored it. Mac came into our home on a Sunday (two Sundays ago). He was slobbering everywhere but was friendly, Pressley saw him was a little freaked out bc he is slightly bigger than Rev was, but she seemed interested. Pressley is an inside/outside cat, and on Sunday and Monday she wanted out (it's cold in December in Pa) when Mac was out with my husband because she was so curious. She kept her distance, didn't get close, just wanted to watch. She did hiss once when she was sleeping on top of the couch and he tried to jump, but that was it.

So comes Tuesday (last Tuesday the 15th). I wanted my family to get along, and Pressley was curious and so was Mac. I picked up Pressley under her arms and carried her over to Mac. Pressley had higher ground and I wanted them to touch noses. Mac proceeded to try and bite Pressley's head off. PLEASE NOTE: If at this point you want to call me nasty names and make me feel like total crap, you can't, I already cry everyday and hate myself, so there). I checked Pressley for bite marks and she had none and as cruel and rude as it sounds if Mac really wanted to take her head of he would have.

So since then Pressley will only stay in the basement where she has food, water, her litter box, her catnip corner (a cat bed covered in catnip), and a green futon cushion that she sleeps on. The basement temp is about 60 degrees, it is cooler than the rest of the house She meows after napping for a couple of hours, So my husband takes Mac to his room and closes the doors so Pressley can have the run of the house, but she's too scared to run around the house. She meows wanting me to come to the basement and play with her where she feels safe. My husband and/or I have to carry her up to the bedroom at night or else she would never come up from the basement. It takes time for her to relax in the bedroom but she eventually does and sleeps thru the night. Unfortunately, in the morning, its low to the ground and to the basement for the rest of the day until my husband or I bring her up.

She's basically a basement dwelling cat now that used to have to run of the house. Mac has calmed down considerably since last week. He learned his name and comes when called. He also know Stay and Place. In fact, this morning, I told him to stay and he waited until I put food and water in is bowls then said break and he then went to eat. My husabdn is training him and Mac sees husband as pack leader, I'm 2nd. He comes when called and I want to know the best way to go forward. I want to keep Mac, but Pressley was here first and she earned her place after dealing with Rev !!

We have a crate (that's Mac's Place), we have a room for him that is his with his mattress and blankets and pillows. I feel that Mac really wants to stay and I really want him to. Thanks for reading and I have a log of everything since Tuesday for Pressley if anyone can help.


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
cats don't like change. And she is an old cat. she my adjust but don't count on it. And some dogs just don't like cats and there is nothing you can do about it. Put the dog on a leash and try introducing them again. Make sure the cat has a high place to go to get away from the dog. If that doesn't work you will have to keep them apart. No need to send the dog back, hopefully they will adjust. The cat hissing and growling is normal behavior when a cat meets a strange dog but if the dog doesn't try to hurt her she may adjust in time.