Water Conditioners for Musks


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May 19, 2019
Hi all! Question about water conditioners. Recently rescued a 10 year old musk turtle. He came with reptisafe water conditioner which prior owner has used for years. I belong to a musk board where they say not to use conditioners because its harmful to turtles. (Although a couple people did chime in to say that they use conditioners which they were shot down quickly by administrators). I tossed out the conditioner because of what they said. I have city water which obviously has chlorine and chloramines in it. The musk board people said to just leave water sit out for a couple days to allow it to evaporate. This will work for the chlorine but not the chloramines so to me it's almost a moot point to leave water sit out as it will not work for chloramines. Well most stuff online said conditioners are fine. I can only find may 1-2 things that say don't do it. Went to a local pet store and spoke with reptile person. He said it was fine and recommended one that they did not sell there (Prime) that he liked as he has been raising turtles for 15-20 years. I went ahead and just bought one there (api stress coat + the one for fish not turtles. This is one he said that they use at the store whether it be for turtles or fish). I have since used it in a new tank which I placed Moe in today. Can someone give me the straight up on water conditioners? It almost seems to be a preference thing. I guess the lesser of two evils maybe? Chlorine/Chloramines vs Water Conditioner! lol. I have not seen anything anywhere correlating turtle deaths to a conditioner. Thanks ahead of time guys!!