We all need to protect our pets

Merlin's Mom

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Aug 10, 2020
I am dealing with dermatitus with my 2 yr old Gerberian Shepsky. I was recovering from 2 brain surgeries, an abnormality in my brain was causing grand mal seizures. My dog was itching like crazy and none of the hollistic products I tried helped. I finally used frontline and it helped a little, but took my dog to the vet. They treated the skin rash with an antiseptic and prescribed Revolution for his fleas. I used it one time, 8-10 days after my second surgery, he started choking and I thought he was going to die. We tried to pick him up and get him to the vet, he became aggressive and tried to get away from us and fell head first down the stairs. I thought he was dead. but he laid there for a few seconds and was suddenly fine. I made another appt with a different vet and took him in, she said he probably had a hairball but gave me a new flea Rx she said was better. Vectra 3D, I still had the revolution and just before using it, he had another choking incident. I tried the heimlich for dogs no help, put my hand in his mouth to see if I could find anything, he tore me up pretty good. It took that for me to realize he was not choking, my dog was having a grand mal seizure. I took him back to the first vet. but did my research on revolution again. The first time I researched it, I read reviews and side effects, this time I reviewed revolution and seizures BINGO. I was just so upset and told the vet, she would not refund for the unused product I still had but said she would give me another she was sure did not cause seizures at no cost, yup more Vectra 3D. I again researched it and still was not comfortable and afraid to use it. So was just torn, finally decided to research the ingredients, the highest level permethrin 36% yup can cause seizures. They did bloodwork to see if they could find what was causing them. His tests were all fine so they referred me to a neurologist, all they did was tell me it was "probably" epilepsy and offer meds. I was shocked meds for the rest of his life without a firm diagnosis, that's absurd. The next option was a brain MRI at a cost in excess of $3,000.00, if it was ok, then they could do a spinal tap and check for toxicity I never asked how much that would be. I asked how soon I could schedule an MRI they have to anesthesize your animal for that, they offered to do it that afternoon. My dog had eaten that morning, doing that to him could have killed my dog. I who had just had 2 brain surgeries and 4 brain MRI's under anethesia knew it. I could not get away from that specialist fast enough. I had a horse who almost died from colic and ended up at the University of WA they did surgery and saved my horse. It's a teaching hosp and one of the best in the US, I called and made an appt for everything as soon as they could schedule him. I drove from east of Seattle all the way across the state to take him. They did every test they could, MRI. catscan, spinal tap, bloodwork, could find nothing wrong with him, it must be epilepsy and he is on the lowest dose possible of the safest drug available and has not had another. He still has the dermatitus so gets bathed about every 10-12 days with a holistic shampoo, everytime he goes outside he is sprayed with a holistic flea spray before and after. I am also using aloe gel on him routinely and doing the best I can. As I waited for the UW appt I found a vet who is a allergy specialist, explained to them when I made the appt that my dog had seizures and I would only use holistic products on him. He offered 2 of the worst chemical products out there, Ernesto and Bravo (sp?) I named the chemicals and how dangerous those particular products were, bravo is injested, irrevocable lasts 3 mths and if your dog has a reaction then you just hope he lives thru it. He left the room and at the door said to me "they all have chemicals in them". He gives these shots and has so many animals on this crap he runs low on product. I cannot say it enough be careful, so far the vet bill's for mine are over $4,000.00 and other than his Rx for the epilepsy, everything else I do for him is based on research and what I have had access to, not the vets. I did get a call from the first vet that Merlin needed a blood test done to check him for the meds and his liver, he will need one every 6 mths for life. I think, it's my opinion that the Revolution caused all of this, that my dog was exposed to a toxicity from that product but no proof and vets won't say so. His Rx is $50.00 a mth and blood tests every 6 mths $100.00+. Watch the ads for our own Rx, so many are more dangerous then good and big pharma knows it, $ is more important then people's lives. I have lost a cat and a dog to liver cancer, they both had frontline used on them, yup it is KNOWN to cause liver cancer. Please, please be careful they are precious and we are killing them. Read about the lifespan for Golden Retrievers it has been horrific, they are living only 60% of how long they used to, a direct result of what vets are doing knowingly and owners just don't understand. The other just horrible Rx out there is Cosoquel (sp?) it's so awful. The FDA ruled that MFU's were required to put warning labels on their products, so many animals had died it was a major impact 6-8 yrs ago. Only 1/3 have done so and there has been no enforcement or penalty on the ones who have not. I did for anyone who is interested find a reference regarding using aloe vera gel on my dogs itchy skin and it has helped, look it up it needs to be an edible gel fit for human consumption and is safe for the dog to lick, it's also a probiotic and good for their digestion. Vets are getting kick backs from Co's to sell their products regardless of the possible harm, it's happening just like how the opiate problem got out of control. Be very careful what treats you feed your animal. Lots of them are made in China and dangerous. I buy lots of them and all mine are made in the USA, I just found out many, of the ones that are made here, are sourced out of this country just made here. Read and be very careful, discerning. For those of you who have lost pets to this crap, band together start an online group and then find an atty who will represent you, maybe there already is one, do your research and perhaps help save someone's pet. I will see what I can find if I do I will post again.