Weeds growing at Patricia's grave site


Rest in peace Daisy
Jul 23, 2017
No matter how many times I tell Mom she needs to avoid putting anything where Patricia's body is buried, she always says there is no way to keep the stone visible at all times. She says, "We know it is there." OK, but there is a reason I wanted an engraved stone to mark the spot instead of a plant. Every time I look at that corner all I see is dirt covering it up. Now weeds are growing directly on top of the grave. Mom said there is no way to prevent more weeds from growing there even if she pulls all of them out. Is she wrong?


Pack Leader and Lover
Mar 28, 2012
You just need to attend to the area yourself, pull the weeds and clear the area when needed. Your mother should have some help there, she can't be the only one to clear the weeds. Maybe you can try putting a large amount of salt and vinegar in hot water, and pour that on the spot. Regardless of the way you choose, you will have to repeat and keep after the weeds.