What are some good cat food brands?


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Oct 18, 2020
I have 3 cats and we have been feeding them Felix ever since we got them. I recently started thinking about it and have decided that we should really feed them something better for them than that. Felix is cheap and easy to pick up, so we haven’t really thought about it much. I have looked at zooplus but the options on there are pretty expensive - especially with 3 cats. I was wandering whether anyone knows of any fairly cheap brands that are better than Felix? In shop or online? I live in the UK.


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Oct 27, 2020
You can go to mattise or royal canin. Affordable and good food I feed both (earlier mattise and now royal canin)to my Persian cat. Now I am thinking to feed her N&D farming as I have one and for her growth, my vet recommended this food so maybe i will switch for this one now why may be because this one is a bit costly. All these food can available on shop otherwise you can purchase it online sites like amazon. But make sure sometimes the food quality is not good I found many reviews like that they sell fake products online. So take care of that. You can check the reviews n buy online or else from a shop. Or may be you can check from the original website also if they have a cart.


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Dec 7, 2019
The Kirkland stuff from Costco is good. They have a grain free kibble mix that is made with real salmon and sweet potato’s. Both my kitties like it.

They also sell big cases of wet food that is only real meat (no by-products). I was having a hard time for a while because all the wet food I could find was made with meat meals and byproducts (which is not good). Recently I found the stuff at Costco, and I am very pleased. It is only real, fresh meat and high quality ingredients. My kitties are doing much better on the Kirkland brand. It helped my kitten stop having gas.

Also, it’s a super good deal at Costco. Way cheaper then I can find anywhere else.


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
stay away from anything made by purina or the diamond company, they use rendered meat in their foods. I feed natural balance wet food and Halo dry