What fish are good to keep in a tank with no filter?


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Nov 5, 2022
I can't afford to run a filter or heater and I'm wondering what fish would do well in a tank without them, I will clean them as often as needed. I have bought a dwarf pufferfish, a fancy goldfish and a polar blue parrot cichlid. They are arriving at the beginning of the week. Will they do ok if I keep their tank clean and warm enough? I will put them in separate tanks if nessecary as well. I'm new to the fishkeeping hobby so any advice is really appreciated xx


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Apr 20, 2016
Western NC
A betta! I have had bettas and they are beautiful, especially the male ones. But you can only keep one. They will fight, so just get one.

But you're getting different fish, so I have no idea.