When We Rescued a Cat, We Didn't Know She Was Bringing SEVEN Surprises With Her!


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Sep 29, 2018
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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. If you have a moment, we'd like to tell you our story.

Our names are Magellan, Tickles, Oliver, Boss, Terry, and Penelope. We're eleven-week-old kittens. Our human mom and dad, Steven and Kelsey, adopted our mom five months ago when she found her way to their house. She was only about six months old. She was cold, hungry, and in need of a home and lots of love.

When our humans took our mom to the vet, they got the surprising news that we were in her belly! Even though this was only her first litter, there were seven of us. On July 13th, we were born. Our sister passed away shortly after birth, but the other six of us were healthy and strong. Our mom was small and still trying to gain her strength back from when she was homeless, and there were so many of us that she had some trouble producing enough milk for all of us, so our human mom worked hard to make sure none of us went hungry by bottle-feeding us formula to take some of the pressure off of our mom. We're now almost completely weaned and eating real food!

Our human mom and dad started looking at the cost of spaying/neutering all of us and our mom, and WOW! Adding in routine check-ups at the vet, shots, dewormer, food, litter... Our human mom and dad love us so much, and they both work very hard, but they live paycheck to paycheck as it is. They don't have any family or friends that can take us in, and they would be heartbroken to have to split us up because we're so close.

We're very happy at our home and our humans give us all the love we could ever want. Just having us all fixed will run at least $2,000! We haven't had our first vet visit or shots because our humans just can't afford it. Our human mom and dad are running out of options, and unless we can get some help, they won't have any choice but to take us to the animal shelter.

We will be so very grateful to anyone that can help us. Our human mom and dad aren't the type to ask for help, but they love us so very much. We're growing very fast, and we're running out of time... We boys are gonna be spraying up a storm if we don't get neutered pretty soon!

Thanks for your help!
With love & many meows,
Magellan, Tickles, Oliver, Boss, Terry, and Penelope


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Mar 13, 2014
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just to let you know females will come into heat sooner if they live with males, neutered or not, both my siamese and bengal came into heat at 4 months old, my male bengal is neutered and it was suggested by my vet that males should be neutered at 5 months old or they will spray. Good luck with your fundraiser, spay and neuter costs a lot but you might look into spay and neuter clinics in your area, some will do the mom free so she doesn't have any more babies. If you look at a sticky I posted a while ago I listed all the clinics for all the states. You might find some help there.


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Jan 13, 2018
Your pictures are adorable!:love_heart: No tips this time, good luck! So sorry you lost your sister.:(